Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday September 19

Today our Special Person was Layton and he told us a story about seeing dinosaur fossils at the National Museum!  Wow!  Thanks Layton.

We had a wonderfully busy day writing, reading and thinking.  During math, we learned a new center called "Which One Does Not Belong & Why?"  In this activity, the students look at 4 objects and decide which one does not fit in the "set".  There is no correct answer, but they have to justify their thinking with a "because".  This allows children to compare characteristics of objects (including numbers) and use rich language to explain their thinking.  It's also fun and something you could do at home with any objects.

The last day to order books for this month is TOMORROW September 20th.

Please return library books.

Please return all forms ASAP.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures yesterday!  Have a beautiful sunny afternoon and I'll see you all tomorrow!

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