Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, Tuesday

Hi everyone!  Yesterday Cassidy was our Special Person and she told us a fun story about visiting the beach.

Sam was our Special Person today!  He told us about visiting the beach and digging a hole in the sand big enough to lay down in which sounds like fun!

It will be warm the next few days.  Please send a water bottle so we can keep everyone hydrated.  Thanks!

Make sure you take the time to fill out forms and if you are able, please help the class with your $30 donation.

Picture Day for our class is Thursday at 9:10.

Field Day is Friday from 10:00-11:00 and volunteers are welcome.

Here are some ideas from the class today:
"I liked helping Miles on the computer." Alex
"I liked finishing my work and getting all of my projects done." Cassidy
"I liked art!" Cooper
"I enjoyed making the purple All About Me book." Ryder
"I liked reading about Meercats." Sophia
"It was nice of Norah to let me look at the iPad while she was using it." Hensley
"I liked listening to the book 'Hurricane' on the CD player."  Layton
"I was glad that it was finally my turn to use the iPad!" Parker
"I liked Quiet Reading time." Beckett
"I thought the story that Mrs. Robb read to us called 'Chewy Louey' was funny" Anders
"I'm glad it was my day for the iPad." Sam

As you can see, we have had another busy day in second grade!  See you tomorrow!

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