Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, September 11

Today our Special Person was Dah and she told us a story about camping!  Thanks!

It's hot!
I can't get cool,
I've drunk a quart of lemonade.
I think I'll take my shoes off
And sit around in the shade.

It's hot!
My back is sticky,
the sweat rolls down my chin.
I think I'll take my clothes off
and sit around in my skin,

 It's hot!
I've tried with 'lectric fans,
and pools and ice cream cones.
I think I'll take my skin off 
And sit around in my bones!

It's still hot!

Shel Silverstein

That's the story of the's pretty roasting here...even with fans.  We had a busy day writing, reading, and creating Math About Me! 
Remember, picture day tomorrow!
Here are some ideas from the kids about the day:

"I enjoyed making our project 'Math About Me'". Alex, Isabella, Cooper, Kali and others

"I enjoyed creating with LEGO's during Choice Time." Cooper & Sam
"Sophia shared the little piano with Hensley and me; it was nice!" Lola
"The iPad was fun!" Layton
"I want to compliment Cooper, Sam, and Thomas because they were very kind and friendly while they used the LEGO's together." Mrs. Robb
"I enjoyed working together with Alex to create with Geoblocks during math."  Matthew

It's to my air conditioned car!  :)

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