Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday, October 18

We had another busy day.  This weather is so amazing, and since we do not have PE or music on Friday, we took a bonus morning recess-wonderful!  Big compliment to the kids because when we have a short afternoon recess, they always help collect all of the balls on the playground to return to the basket.  In addition, today we collected at least 10 lonely sweatshirts and returned them to the lost and found!

Here is what the kids said about the day:
"I enjoyed learning more about ants and learning math on the iPad." Layton
"I liked library time today." Beckett
"I'm glad it was my day to use the iPad!" Miles
"I really liked making the ant project about the different jobs of ants." Anders
"It was nice at recess when Beckett passed the ball to me during soccer." Jasper
"The book "The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln" was really funny!"  Hensley
"I enjoyed math time because we estimated and counted candy corn by 10's AND did some more measuring with centimeters." Jasper

Enjoy your beautiful weekend and I'll see you Monday!

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