Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday October 16

I cannot believe we are halfway through October!

There have been some questions about birthday celebrations this year.  Here's the scoop:

The second graders will celebrate their birthday's as a group so we can preserve class time for instruction.  We will have a celebration three times this year.  The first will be on October 25th beginning at 2pm.  We will celebrate all students with birthdays in July, August, September, and October.  We will provide a small "prize" to the students who have birthdays in those months, a small gluten- and dairy- free treat for all students, then enjoy a short, educational video together. 

Since all three second grade teachers are in the room, we are not in need of extra volunteers since all we really have to do is pass out a treat. 

I hope this clarifies our birthday celebrations this year!

Ideas about the day from the students:
" I loved choice time because Matthew and I worked on the iPads together!" Alex
"I liked using the new Magnetrons with Layton at Choice time." Miles
"I liked making the ant flip book about how an ant colony begins." Ryder, Jasper, Beckett and many others.
"I enjoyed creating structures with Geoblocks." Jasper
 "It was nice when Hensley gave me her turn on the iPad." Lola
Lauren and Hensley were kind to each other building houses out of paper.
"Hensley shared her iPad with me." Norah
" Ezra was very nice when we were using the LEGOs." Parker

Enjoy the sun! 

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