Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday October 8

Today Alex was our Special Person and he told us about when his family was coming back from Australia and his dad surprised them with a visit to Disneyland!  Soooo fun!

Here are some ideas from the kids today:

"I had fun writing and finishing a published story." Cassidy
"I was happy because I finally was Special Person." Alex
"My favorite part of the day today was choice time because I get to use LEGOs and I really love LEGOs." Drew
"I liked music because we got to play the triangle." Miles & Ryder
"Reading I SPY with Thomas and Ezra was fun!" Matthew
"I liked measuring objects with the yard string." Kali
"Math was fun!" Beckett
"Playing Count and Compare with Beckett was fun." Jasper
"Measuring was fun because Miles was still when I measured him." Layton
"I liked getting to know Hensley better." Norah
"I enjoyed figuring out the I SPY puzzles on the computer with Sam." Ezra

We were busy today!  Remember, tomorrow the students take a TAG screening test.  Try to be here on time.  Thanks...

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