Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday October 29

Hi everyone!

This month has flown by and it hardly seems possible that November is just around the corner.  I think it's this amazing weather...it just doesn't seem like fall yet (but this chilly morning was a reminder!)

Here are some ideas from the students today:
"I enjoyed writing with Jasper because we are getting ready to publish our story!" Beckett
"I really like quiet reading because I am reading a chapter book." Cassidy
"I liked the ant project about ant jobs because it was fun to make!"  Cooper, Jasper, & many others
"Matthew helped me figure out a math program on the computer." Alex
"I like the new ant farm!" Dah
"I liked choice time because Anders and Drew were very nice!" Thomas
"I enjoyed reading to Alex during choice time."  Matthew
"I was very nice when Evelyn taught me how to climb really fast on the play structure." Norah

Here is a picture of the busy ants in the new ant farm:

See you tomorrow, ant scientists!!!

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