Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday October 22

Today we kept busy learning, as usual!
During literacy block, the students were reading and writing many different things including a poem about Harvester ants, a diagram of an ant, and non-fiction books about ants. 

During math, we looked at and solved ant story problems. 

During writing, we wrote words we could use to describe the ants observations we have made by watching the anthill, and received a small observation journal to write our ideas in.

During science, we researched and wrote information about ant anatomy.

Of course, we also enjoyed music, lunch, and recess out in this beautiful weather!

Here are some ideas from the students:

"I liked quiet reading because Matthew and I read together." Alex
"I liked the new ant observation journal." Olivia
"I enjoyed making a building using only triangular prisms during math." Matthew
"I enjoyed learning new ant facts from the Magic School Bus video." Ezra and Anders
"I liked reading and solving clues on the ISpy game on the computer." Cooper
"I liked having a partner to read and write about ants with." Norah & Beckett
"I liked creating with Magnaforms during choice time." Miles
"I enjoyed solving the ant story problems during math." Jasper

Great ideas everyone!  See you tomorrow

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