Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday October 8

Once again we had a busy day.  During math, we made and measured with centimeter rulers- army ant centimeter rulers.  We are working very hard on our stories during writing time.  Finally, we researched and shared information about where ants live- ant hills!

Here are some ideas from the students:

"When I accidentally wrote upside down on my paper, Norah offered to help me." Layton
"I enjoyed learning more about ants!" Beckett, Norah, Alex, Lola
"I enjoyed writing a long story during writing time." Jasper
"I really liked observing the ants in the ant hill!" Cassidy and Anders
"Hensley helped me figure out a new game on the iPad." Sophia
"I liked helping Isabella on the Monkey Bars." Norah
"I enjoyed the drums during music!"  Miles
"I was happy that I finished my story during writing." Lola

Remember, two hour late opening tomorrow!  See you at 10:45!

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