Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday October 24

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!  :)

Here are the ideas from the students about our day:

"It was kind when Norah made me something nice during choice time." Lola
"I really liked the ant project." Olivia
"My favorite thing from today was when Lauren made me something during choice time." Cassidy
"I liked watching and helping Alex us the computer.  We were learning from Magic School Bus goes to Mars." Matthew
"I really liked music because we learned a fun game and I liked making the ant flip books" Norah
"I liked quiet reading because it is just a good time of the day." Cooper
"I like the story  'The Kitten in the Pumpkin Patch' that we heard during read aloud" Beckett & Jasper

Please bring library books and homework tomorrow and have a GREAT sunny afternoon!

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