Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday October 3

Today our Special Person was Thomas and he told us a story about visiting an alligator farm in Florida and watching his brother ride a zipline over the alligator pit!  Wow!

We were very busy today!  We spent the first hour engaged in individualized literacy learning.  During math, we took measurement data that each student gathered to create individual line plots.
We are learning a new song where we count by 2...ask your child if they can sing it for you!  We spent 45 minutes writing our own stories and stories for the Special Person- so much learning!

Here are some ideas about the day:
"I enjoyed writing my personal narrative story." Norah
"I'm glad we have new CD players because I enjoy using them during quiet reading." Matthew
"I enjoyed my work during morning Literacy Centers." Beckett
"Thomas' story sounded really interesting!" Miles
"I was happy to see my little sister on the playground during recess." Cassidy
"I really liked my iPad day." Olivia

Wonderful ideas everyone!

Library books, homework, and book orders are due tomorrow!  See you then!

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