Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday October 29

Hello!  October is zooming by...I can't believe it will be November this week!

Today we were very busy.  Here are news reports and compliments from today:

"When I could not find a learning partner on the carpet, Savannah said she would be my partner." Aoife
"I liked it when Katie helped me round up the pencils to sharpen." Madeline
"I liked the art- we used liquid glue and tissue paper and I have never done that kind of art before!" Calvin and many other students
"I liked designing the ant math story problems. "William and Teddy
"Reading the story Two Bad Ants was fun because it is told from an ant's point of view." Grace

As you can see, we were very very busy today!

Just a reminder:  Please have your student complete any work attached to the homework cover sheet.  This work reinforces math concepts learned at school.  Your child gains much understanding with your one-on-one support.  Thanks!

See you tomorrow!

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