Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8

Happy Monday!  Today our Special Person was Colin!  He told us about going swimming while vacationing because it was very hot.  Thanks for the story Colin!

What we did today:
Today we practiced measuring in yards.  We have been working on measuring in inches, feet, and yards.  Try estimating the length of some items in your home, then confirming the estimate with a ruler. 
"I enjoyed choosing new jobs." Peter

" When the girls were playing teacher on the playground, they let me be the teacher helper." Aoife
"Kora was nice to me." Savannah
"Cole played Race to 100 with me." Evan
"I liked it when Catalina read to me." Ava
"It was nice when Cole complimented my art." Teddy

A few things:
Remember, homework is due on THURSDAY because there is no school on Friday.
Also, a very nice parent brought a gray fan to our room when it was still very hot.  I have forgotten who that parent is.  If you brought the gray fan, feel free to pick it up at your convenience.  Thanks!

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