Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2

Della was our special person today!  She told us a story about seeing a deer up close during a family trip to Sun River.  Seeing such beautiful animals up close are magical moments so thank you for sharing!

This week and next we are working with various measurement tools during our math time.  Yesterday, we used 12 inch "feet" to measure various objects in the classroom.  Today, we used 3 foot "giant feet" (yards) to measure objects.  We have discovered that small feet = more , big feet= less.  Our work asked us to estimate the length of the playground in giant feet...stay tuned for the results.  We will check our estimates tomorrow morning at recess!

Thanks to Seth for bringing in the cute little pumpkin...very festive!


"When nobody else would play a game with me, Riley would." Aoife
"I liked when Bailey complimented my All About Me book." Sami
"Zac helped me out when we were working on the giant feet activity together." Bailey
"Evan complimented my clay owl." Calvin

Thank you to the parents who helped during our art time today!

Thank you also for all of the kind words regarding the blog...the help I receive from parents on Friday makes it possible for me to find the time during the day to devote to writing.  Thanks...

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