Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18

We had much more "ant talk" today.  We labeled the parts of an ant according the the uses.  For example, we wrote that ant jaws are used for many purposes such as chewing, cutting, biting and carrying.  We measured 14 meters in the hall: that is how wide army ants fan out in a swarm, and we started a new book: Ant Attack, which we are reading and writing about!

" I liked it when Riley played One Hour or Bust with me." William
"Special thanks to Bailey for picking up a CD from a CD book and finding the book where it belonged without me even asking." Mrs. Robb
"I liked it when Riley complimented my ant story writing." Sami
"Hannah gave me the book that we made." Catalina
"Seth offered to let me play Race to 100" Hayden
"When I asked Catalina to play Count and Compare 2', she said yes!"Maddy
"Sami played a math game with me when everyone else was busy working."Seth

Remember, bring your homework tomorrow!  :)

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