Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11- Student Book Order code & info

Hi!  We had another busy day.  You child brought home their independent literacy center work today.  Remember, this is independent thinking and writing that reflects their time management as well as reading and writing.
We had our Writing Workshop time and began our own stories.  Later, we found information about ants in non-fiction books and shared that information with a group.

Please return book orders by Friday, October 26.  The simplest way to order is on-line and you get many incentives to use this on-line system.  Our class code is L6VB8     Book orders are voluntary.

"I liked it when Catalina was nice to me when I fell." Ava
"Bailey complimented my picture." Sami
"Hannah was very nice to me on the playground."  Savannah
"Hannah played with me when nobody else would." Grace
"Calvin said that he thought my picture was the best in the world." Bailey

That's all for today...enjoy your three day weekend!

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