Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4

Today our Special Person was Riley.  She told us a story about the goats on a farm she visited with her!

A classroom has many jobs, and on Monday, your child chose a job for the week.  Paper passer, door closer, teacher helper...there are many jobs in a classroom.  Each Monday, the kids will choose a new job for the week.   The kids in the room 13 are great helpers!


"William, Catalina, and Calvin did a great job cleaning up the very messy art bucket- and William helped even though he did not make the mess!" Mrs. Robb
"Lainey made me a paper purse." Hannah
"Peter showed me how to make a paper airplane, and Colin read "Runaway Pumpkin with me when I asked." Evan
"Bailey said he liked my picture." Calvin
"When I was sad, Grace was nice to me." Catalina
"When I asked Peter to make me a paper airplane during choice time, he did!" Bailey

Don't for get your homework and library books tomorrow!

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