Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9-Pictures of measuring....

Our last Special Person was Kora who told us a story about watching the circus as the Rose Garden.  We have had 24 days of Special Person and we learned so much about each other.  Thank you students for sharing your stories with the class.  We look forward to hearing more and learning more about you and your families this year. Tomorrow, we begin immersing ourselves in a new subject to study....

" Cole impressed me as a team leader during math today.  When a member of his team was looking upset, Cole helped him feel better and rejoin the team.  Wow!"  Mrs. Robb
"Kora and Lainey let me play with them on the playground." Grace
"When I told Catalina about the concert I went to last night, she was happy for me. "  Hannah
"Evan was willing to share a project with me."  Bailey
"I enjoyed the measuring job!" Kora

Well, here was the job...the students were in groups and given an animal with it's length. The mathematicians had to measure how long the animal was, make a piece of paper that long and write the length in inches, feet, and yards, then decorate the paper to represent the animal.
Here is how they did:

Evan was this team leader.  The boys measuring the length of a komono dragon: 10 feet!

Cole was this team leader and they measured the length of a tiger: 10 feet!

Ava was this team leader and her team measured the length of a dolphin: 15 feet.

Grace was this team leader and they measured the length of a boa constrictor.

William's team measured the height of a female giraffe: 14 feet.

Katie's team measured the height of  an elephant; 10 feet!

Great job mathematicians!  See you tomorrow!

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