Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5

Today the Special Person was Cole.  He told us a story about playing Wii with his mom.  Almost all of the kids have played some kind of electronic game, so that gave us much to write about. Thanks!

Today Evan turned 8.  Happy Birthday!

What we liked today:
"I like special person because we get to know more about the other people in the class. "  Peter
"I liked measuring with rulers during math." Kora


"Aoife listened and was nice to me." Savannah
"I felt bad for Evan when he hurt his eye." Calvin
"I liked it when Katie and Savannah helped me during math." Sami
" At recess, Katie played with me." Madeline
"Peter has been very nice all week." Bailey

Have a wonderful sunny weekend...enjoy the sun while it lasts! - B

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