Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17

Today was day 30 of school, which is a nice milestone.  We learned the "three" song today, a cute little song which gives us practice with counting by multiples of three.

"I liked the three song!" Calvin & Teddy

During math, I posed this question:  Why do we measure the length of objects?  Ask you child what they think the answer is...
Here are some thoughts about math today:

"I liked math." Peter
"Today at math centers, Ava played a math game with me." Katie
"I liked that Sami played the counting by 2's math game with me." Evan
"Peter played Race to 100 with me." Cole
"Hayden gave me a compliment during math." Bailey

More ideas and compliments about the day:
"Riley was really nice to me" Aoife
"I liked seeing new ant tunnels." Grace
"I like when Evan helped me spell a word." Sami

The weather is so beautiful right now...such a pretty view of the changing leaves from our classroom.
Have a lovely day!  See you tomorrow!

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