Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1

We have reached October and are settling into the routine of school...we are lucky to have this nice stretch of sunny weather before fall really sets in!

Seth was our Special Person today!  He told us a story about seeing a movie at the movie theater with his family.  Thanks for the story Seth.  The idea gave us much to write about since most of us have seen a movie before!

"Aiofe and I worked together to get our math job done!" Savannah
"Savannah complimented me on my singing."Riley
"Peter and Evan helped me design a paper airplane during choice time." Seth
"Riley played 2 square with me on the playground when nobody else would."Grace

News & Reminders:

*Attached to homework this week are some daily ideas for homework or family activities.  These are optional, but I found them and thought they might be fun for you.  Also, there is a Scholastic News Magazine attached.  Your child can keep the magazine at home after completing their homework.
*We did NOT have library last week due to a scheduling mix up.  We will have library this Friday- much more time to get all of those books returned!
*Tomorrow we begin our 2 part clay art experience.  The parent volunteer is requesting that each student bring 2,  28oz sized tin cans for the project.  (this would be the size that canned tomatoes come in).  I'm hearing that there are extras available, so don't knock yourself out finding them.  :) 

That's all for today!  Enjoy the sun!

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