Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12


Hayden was our Special Person today.  He told us a story about the Disney Cruise his family took to Alaska.

We have a solar powered spinning crystal on our window in the classroom.  It creates rainbows when the sunlight hits the crystal.  Ask your child about the "magic hour".

"Peter made me a crane."Sami
"Bailey helped me spell chocolate." Colin
"Calvin did a nice job helping other kids today." Mrs. Robb
"When I was playing Achi, Madeline helped me out." Aoife

Hannah enjoyed morning work.  Grace like the growing patterns during math.  Ask your child about the last pattern we discovered...

Does anyone have clean yogurt cups or plastic butter tubs?  I need a way to hold paint while the students work...I need at least 12...if you have some, please bring them over the next few days.  I need as many as possible by Monday. 

Tomorrow is picture day!


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