Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26

Hi Everyone!

Today our Special Person was Hannah!  She told us a story about her mom surprising her with a new kitten.  So sweet...I love kittens!

This week I have been sharing stories about cats and kittens.  I hope the students have been enjoying them!

During math we learned a new game called "An Hour or Bust!".  This gives the kids practice using a face clock.  Being able to read a face clock and understand elapsed time are important Mathematics Common Core State Standards for second grade.  This also happens to be a math topic you can practice together at home!  If you do not have a face clock at home, think about getting one and using it together.

"Teddy was very kind when he shared the ball at recess." Ms. Julie
"I noticed Hannah and Riley helping Teddy clean up a math game." Mrs. Robb
"Thanks to Seth for letting me have the book "A Kitten Called Moonlight" after he had finished reading it" Catalina
Both Cole and Seth were very kind and shared books with each other during quiet reading.

Just a Reminder...
If you are able to visit with us at 2:30 on Friday, please let me know if you choose to leave before 3:00.  If you choose to leave before 3:00, you have to sign out with your child in the office before leaving the building (district safety rule).  Thanks!

Have a great day!  Thanks for reading!  :)

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