Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27

Special Person Today was Aoife and she told us a story about visiting Ireland.  I'm impressed...I have to admit, I don't even have a passport!  Amazing world travelers!

"At math centers, Savannah gave up a spot at a game for me." Hannah
"Della let me spin when we were playing a math game." Kora
"I really wanted a book that Seth had, so when he was finished, he gave it to me!" Evan
"While we were playing 'Count and Compare Two's', Hayden was really nice to me" Seth

Hayden told us that he enjoyed math today!

Homework is due tomorrow.  Please give it to me as you walk in the door.
Library books due tomorrow.
Open House tomorrow at 2:30! 
Have a nice day!  :)

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