Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28 Happy Open House!

Hello all!

Lainey was our Special Person today!  She told us a story about riding the Tower of Terror at Disneyland.  Truth be told, I love that ride too...but I can't ride it more than once a day or it turns my stomach! 

Our little Open House time had a huge turnout.  I hope you all enjoyed taking a closer look around as your child "showed you the ropes".  Thanks for coming!

"Lainey was quiet so I could get my work done." Savannah
"Hayden read a book with me." Seth
"I couldn't find the book I wanted, so Seth and Cole helped me find it." Evan

Grace and others love the new Race to 100 game.  This is a fun, easy game where students role two numeral dice and have to quickly add the digits together and move that many spaces.  This is a fun way to practice addition facts!  When the addition facts become quick and automatic, they can add a third die for more of a challenge!

Your child brought home some independent literacy work today.  Four days a week our class has a literacy hour where I am bringing small groups of students to my table for individualized reading instruction.  This way, all the students are learning reading at their level and pace in a small group setting.  While they are NOT with me, they are expected to engage in meaningful literacy activities that include reading, writing and thinking.  This work is on open ended forms that allow each student to approach the task at their ability level.  I expect this independent work to be completed at each students' personal best.  Both you as a parent and I as the teacher can see how your child tackles this independent work time as reflected in their work. 

Thanks for all the support and for visiting today!  Have a wonderful sunny weekend!

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