Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18

Today Zac was our Special Person.  He told us a story about going biking when he visited Sun River with his family.  Sounds beautiful!

I wrote that this week's homework was due the 28th...nope!  Turn it in THIS Friday...thanks!

What we did today:

We started our literacy block today.  During this hour, the student alternate between working independently on various literacy activities and meeting with me.  When they meet with me, they receive reading instruction at their level in small groups.  This is really the time that I get to know your child as a reader when they read with me and receive individualized attention. 

"Today we worked on more Growing Patterns in math" Grace


"I like that Katie played Guess Who with me when I asked." Madeline
"I like that Grace made me a teeny tiny fortune teller during choice time." Lainey
"When I was telling Mrs. Robb about something, she listened to every word I said." Savannah

Thanks Savannah...
Have a great day everyone!

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