Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Today our Special Person was Sami.  He told us a story about skim boarding on the sand at the beach with his family.  Wow! What an interesting sport.

"Cole is always a great example to others in line." Mrs. Robb
"When I was editing my story today with Mrs. Robb, nobody laughed at my work." Evan
"When we were playing a math game, Hayden let me spin." Della
"When me and Kora were playing a math game, she was nice when I won." Savannah

Homework went home today.  Please complete the attached math work.  This "Home Connection" directly supports the work we do in math during the school day.  Thanks!

I am trying to get some pictures up when I can.  Here is a picture of our little room on the first day of school before the kids arrived.  I love the big windows and beautiful trees.

Have a wonderful day!  See you tomorrow!

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